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International Noise Awareness Day: 6 Shocking Ways Noise Affects Your Health

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Excessive loud noise can affect more than your hearing health. In support of International Noise Awareness Day, we are doing our part by raising awareness of 6 shocking ways noise affects your health.

  1. Healthcare. The World Health Organisation (WHO) found that noise exposure puts direct pressure on healthcare. Higher noise levels can be attributed to higher sick days, higher rates of healthcare treatment, greater reductions in workplace productivity and increased difficulty learning new skills.
  2. Mental Health. When left untreated, hearing loss could double the likelihood of experiencing poor mental health. In fact, this study demonstrated a 200% increase for risk of depression and anxiety after excessive noise exposure.
  3. Dementia/Cognitive Decline. A concerning statistic from John Hopkins states that your risk of developing dementia increases with the severity of an untreated hearing loss. Mild hearing loss increases the risk 2x, while more severe hearing loss could increase the risks by up to 5x.
  4. Heart Disease. A recent German study concluded that 3% of their nations heart attacks could be linked to long term exposure to loud noise levels.  Other negative heart – noise implications are increased blood pressure, arrhythmic heartbeat and increases in the stress hormone cortisol stemming from irritation or poor sleep.
  5. Immune System / Healing. The WHO found patients will take longer to heal when exposed to noise. They proved hospital environmental noise can be around 95 dB which is enough over a prolonged period to cause permanent hearing loss. Quality sleep is essential for healing and the immune system; this study demonstrates that poor sleep increases risk of diabetes, obesity and heart disease. Bear in mind that overstimulation from noise can make it difficult for your brain to settle down enough for a restful sleep.
  6. Vocal cord damage.  If the noise level in your working environment is high – you end up shouting. Do this often enough and you can end up with more than just a sore throat. This study took the example of teachers and found that 50% of them have permanently damaged vocal cords.

Staying on top of your hearing assessments will help to detect any changes to your baseline hearing. We recommend annual hearing assessments, particularly if you are over the age of 60. If you suspect that your workplace may be exposing you to dangerous noise levels, read more about common hearing hazards in the workplace on our blog. To book in your next hearing assessment, call the hearing care professionals at Hearing Help Associates on (866) 604-8057. We have 6 convenient audiology clinic locations for you in Long Island, NY: Babylon, Bayside, Bellmore, Great Neck, Jericho, and Rockville Centre.

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