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Google Live Transcribe & Other Apps to Help the Hearing Impaired

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Life for people with a hearing impairment can be complicated. It doesn’t matter if your hearing impairment is minimal, or you have lost your hearing entirely, finding ways to help you navigate the world without perfect hearing can be challenging. Thankfully, through technology and ingenuity, more and more tools and resources are made available to impaired persons all the time. From driving to talking on the phone, having a hearing impairment can be frustrating and hard to live with. One great resource that has helped the non hearing population is smart phone and computer apps. While hearing aids are ideal in most situations, they can be used in conjunction with some of the below top 8 apps for people hard of hearing.

  1. Google Live Transcribe – This app takes all noise it can detect through your phone’s microphone speaker, and turns it into a text transcript to read. The app supports over 70 languages and can even work with 2 different languages at once. It’s still in beginning phases, so be patient. It is still usable though, so feel free to check it out.
  2. Web Captioner – Made for your computer, web captioner captures audio and turns it into a running transcript. A bit like Google Live Transcribe.
  3. Hearing Helper – Only available in the apple store, this app follows the same premise. You have to hold down the button for it to start capturing, but it will transcribe for you. It also helps out individuals whose primary language isn’t English.
  4. ASL Dictionary – Another great app for the hearing impaired is the ASL Dictionary. You can find it it in the play store and in iTunes. It’s unfortunately not free, but it can teach you up to 5,200 signs!
  5. NGTS – This app utilizes a third party relay assistant to help transcribe and relay messages from a hearing impaired individual to a hearing person and back.
  6. Interpreter Now – Another video relay interpreter service, Interpreter now will connect you with a third party who can make calls to hearing people on behalf of a person with a hearing impairment.
  7. SoundHound – Apps for hearing loss span all sorts of functions! SoundHound allows music lovers with hearing impairments to enjoy music, too. Utilizing the phone’s microphone speaker, lyrics are transcribed to make concert going and music listening more enjoyable.
  8. Skype – A pretty well known app, Skype offers video calls to make communication using sign language or lip reading a convenient means of communication.

Of course, there are countless other awesome apps out there that can help with a variety of scenarios. Mobile banking apps help with communication when dealing with your financial institutions. Travel apps can keep you alerted to emergencies and delays, and can help redirect drivers to less hectic routes. There are entertainment apps that allow you to enjoy shows, movies and video clips by including captions. There are even apps that help you learn and translate sign language from around the globe. In conjunction with hearing aid devices and other resources, apps for people hard of hearing are coming a long way. If you’re a person with a hearing impairment, hopefully you spotted a few helpful apps to make life just a little easier!

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