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Common Hearing Hazards in the Workplace

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Did you know that hearing loss due to occupational noise is one of the leading workplace injuries worldwide? Workplace noise hazards can lead to significant hearing loss, and in most cases is 100% preventable. Protecting your hearing in the workplace is a pretty simple step to prevent long term hearing loss that can stay with you the rest of your life. To be proactive, it’s important to take appropriate steps and utilize the proper personal protective equipment to ensure that workplace noise hazards don’t cause permanent damage to your hearing. Below is a list of common occupational noise risks that may impact your hearing over a long period of time.

Common Workplace Noise Hazards – Protecting Your Hearing in the Workplace

Repeated exposure to loud noises in the workplace can cause temporary hearing loss or a ringing in the ears (tinnitus), or can sometimes lead to permanent loss. Severe hearing loss can affect productivity, ability to communicate effectively, it can cause psychological and physical stress and can cause greater risk in the workplace. Here are some common workplace noise hazards to be aware of.

Noise levels in the workplace should be monitored, and if they consistently exceed 85 decibels in an 8 hour work period, your workplace should be taking immediate action to protect workers from noise, while attempting to mitigate employee exposure to sound. Typically, if amendments or alterations to equipment cannot be made, supplying workers with the proper personal protective equipment is enough to protect their hearing for the long term.

Being proactive in the workplace is the best way to ensure workplace noise hazards don’t leave lasting damage to worker’s hearing, If you’re concerned about occupational noise in your workplace, be sure you bring up your concerns with supervisors.

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